Ever since I introduced the completely illegal hill climbing Aurora I have been inundated with requests to replicate its successful format in kit form…………..and who am I to disappoint?


Like the Aurora, this kit, fitted to your bike does not conform to UK or European regulations for electric bicycles as it is capable of more than the standard 15mph maximum speed.  Rather it is designed to provide our customers with an off-road only capability with particular emphasis on hill climbing ability.

And, unlike some other kits you may have seen, you don't get half a kit! On our latest version of this kit the very keen price now INCLUDES a removable, lockable, 36v 10Ah LiFePO4 battery, a handlebar mounted switch that allows you to select "pedal assist" or "throttle only" operation , a cycle computer with LCD display and even a tube and Kevlar puncture resistant tyre fitted on the rim!


It uses the superb Suzhou Bafang BPM motor allied to a Suzhou Bafang 18A controller and Suzhou Bafang electronic throttle.  I'm emphasising the SB name here because this is a special matched set which is unique to this kit and the Aurora and is in my opinion, without a doubt, the best set of control components on the market and the best set we've ever used.


The motor is in the back wheel because a front wheel mounting wouldn't take the torque and it also gives the opportunity to build a bike with all round disk brakes.  Speed will, dependent upon the usual rider, terrain, road conditions etc. be in the region of 20mph or even higher but it's all about the torque available to you.  This kit goes up hills and, once again in my opinion, this is more important to a lot of people than the ability to do 30mph unassisted!


However, don't get me wrong - that torque also means that your bike is quick off the mark and, using throttle only, is probably one of the best accelerating bike kits we have sold. 


With this performance, the kit is therefore illegal to use on UK or European roads and MUST only be used off road. Due to the illegality of the kit, AlienOcean will not take any responsibility for any incident whatsoever related to anyone using it in either on-road or off-road conditions. 


However, it doesn't look too illegal does it?  In fact, if you fitted a pannier set you'd be hard pushed to see that it was an electric bike at all.  Is this a deliberate strategy so our customers don't look as if they're riding an ebike and might also get away with it being illegal?  Of course not and I could never condone such actions!  This bike kit IS illegal! 



AlienOcean Cycle computer with LCD display




The big thing about the functionality of this kit is not only the 8 FUN motor with disc brake capability but our latest version of the Kit now comes with a 36v 10Ah LiFePO4 battery and a handlebar mounted cycle computer with LCD display. Not only does this system allow you to switch off the power altogether from the display (no getting on and off the bike to switch the battery on and off) it has many new features, including:

  • Three levels of brightness, ideal for riding in bright sunlight or in the dark.
  • Battery level indicator.
  • Current Speed.
  • Total Mileage.
  • Single Trip Mileage.
  • Ride Time.
  • Settings for miles or kilometers.
  • Five levels of Pedal Assist


So, let's say that you are a bit unfit like me and want to use the bike to get you back into cycling without having a heart attack on a hill - simply use the bike on full power to start.  Once you get a bit fitter, reduce the pedal assist level gradually until you can comfortably ride on the lower settings and eventually the lowest or no power at all.


On the other hand, say that you want to increase range and you're perfectly happy cycling along the flats, simply switch the system off by pressing the button.  You'll use no power at all and range will increase significantly.


Not only that but the kit has a handlebar mounted switch allowing you to either have Pedal Assist only OR Throttle only.  In other words, you choose the type of system to suit your riding style.  With the kit and, unlike the vast majority of other electric bikes kits on the market, YOU have complete control.  


I think that the throttle is a great help for those unfortunate enough to have problems with their back or knees and who need assistance taking off from a standstill.  Or indeed those who (like me!) don't like pedalling at all.  It's just like riding an electric motorcycle. 


Notes:  Although a 7 speed Shimano gear cassette is supplied with the kit, in most cases it should be possible to use your own cassette if you have a 5 or 6 speed system. This however may require an element of tweaking. The wheel does have an integral fitment for a disc but, since there are so many variations in calliper position we cannot say for certain whether it will fit your bike. Bar diameter for fitment of throttle is standard 22mm. If you have thumb shift gears and the brake levers are separate to the thumb shifts I would recommend fitting the new levers as they cut the power to the motor when applied. However, if you don't want to fit them then there's no technical need but it is an EU legal requirement. Incidentally, the 36v kit adds about 10Kg to your bike.


The removable battery pack is lightweight and easy to fix in place and remove when you want to charge it. However, because this kit uses a rear mounted battery carrier it has been impossible to design a universal fit.  Some bikes have lugs on the frame below the seat for mounting the carrier arms, some don't. You will therefore need to be a bit mechanically minded to fit this kit and may need additional fittings such as nuts and bolts over and above those supplied.



  • Rear Wheel Rim: Alloy Double Rim for strength
  • Wheel size: 26" 
  • Motor:Suzhou Bafang 8 FUN BPM Brushless 350w 
  • Operates off Throttle from standstill
  • Cycle Computer with LCD Display
  • Pedelec components included (pedal assist) 
  • Battery: 36v 10Ah LiFePO4 (Removable and Lockable)
  • Charging time: 4-6 hours
  • Expected Range: 15-40 Miles (NB: totally dependent upon the weight of the rider and whether it's flat, hilly etc.)
  • Speed: 20 Mph + (US Spec controller)
  • Recommended Max rider weight: 140Kg
  • Charger: UK CE Li-Ion